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The Process

What to expect from the beginning….

Your first appointment at Heavenly Therapeutic Services can be a nervous for so many people. We would like to comfort you in saying that we take pride in many you feel as comfortable as possible during this session.

This is the time, where we complete an assessment and the both of us come to build rapport. With the assessment, we would like to establish complete understanding of your goals within the therapeutic process and an understanding of how we would like to assist you in reaching those goals. Further, we would like to gain an extensive understanding of the origins of your circumstances for a wholistic context.


Also, we would like you to gain understanding us and the approach(es) toward the therapeutic process, as well your own assessment of comfortability with us as therapists. We want to establish a one-on-one team and alliance with you in your time of need. You may ask any questions that would accomplish your comfort levels in our office.

What to expect following the beginning…

Following the initial session in our office, we will together create your goals and interventions toward meeting those goals. Our approach will be to have patience during this process while pressing toward the mark of you achieving liberation.

Our overall goal is to encourage and motivate you during this process to feel happier and more at peace toward self and your surrounding circumstances. Though there may be setbacks at times, we certainly will address those needs and trend forward in achieving your therapeutic goals.

The world has been mad in recent months and years, and we are committed toward you finding your happiness, smile, laugh, and inner peace amongst anarchy.

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