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Have you been singled out or underestimated because of your race, culture, gender, or identity status? Do people make pre-judgments about your personality or ability based on your appearance? Have you been victimized due to your minority status? Do these difficult experiences weigh heavily on you, affecting your mood, and coping strategies, even interfering with opportunities to get ahead?

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Minority stress is a very real issue that significantly impacts members of minority groups on a daily basis. Interpersonal prejudice and discrimination based on race, culture, or identity are some of the main causes of minority stress. Poor social support systems, low socioeconomic status, and our political atmosphere cause minority individuals to experience high levels of stress. Examples of minority groups who may be likely to experience minority stress include:

•    Racial Minorities
•    Immigrants
•    Women
•    Differently-able Individuals

Do you face particular issues that are unique to life as an African American? Hispanic American? Asian American? Are you seeking a supportive and culturally-sensitive therapist who can understand your individual challenges?

At Heavenly Therapeutic Services, we strive to remain aware of the particular stigmas and prejudices faced by the African American, Asian American, Hispanic, and any other community. Our team of multicultural therapists’ value and acknowledge the impact of racial identity within the therapeutic process. We also have multicultural clinicians on staff for clients who want to see someone with a shared racial identity. It is our goal at Heavenly Therapeutic Services to pair you with a therapist who makes you feel safe and understood.

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