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We hold the hands of our clients, who are grieving to explore road to new normalcy from the loss of a loved one. 

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Grief can be lonely to travel, but not one you have to do so alone and isolated. 

Most people who start grief counseling feel the substantial weight of grief and loss. This maybe you, in fact possibly your days have begun to be a blur together or maybe you would desire to remember this loved one, though it can extremely hurt when you think of them so you keep busy and avoid the memories.
With the thoughts of feeling trapped in grief, you may feel like every day is exhausting.

When you have lost someone close to you, you have a newly formed empty space in your life where that person once was. Our days then are shaped and molded by recurring reminders that they are gone and moving on feels like a betrayal to them, so you resign yourself to a joyless and even an isolated life. You have begun to isolate from all of the people and activities you once loved and find that you have become a shell of your former self.

Losing someone you love is one of the most difficult hurtles in life. It can become nearly impossible to continue engaging in work, relationships, and daily life activities without support. Everyone experiences loss in a different way, and Heavenly Therapeutic Services’ esteemed professionals are here to provide support during your grieving process. No one can prepare for the loss of a loved one, but therapy can help you feel less alone while you recover. We provide psychological tools, spiritual counseling, and referrals when necessary. We also offer guidance in finding support groups or any other resource you may find helpful during this difficult time. You deserve to live fully; take your life back from grief. 

Here are some symptoms that might indicate you would benefit from Grief Counseling: 


Constant thoughts and emotions of feeling fatigued, emotionless or lost.


Your ability to concentrate and think clearly at work, investing in other relationships or completely engage in your life.


A portion of you now feels missing.


Everyday feels like you are in or living in a fog.


You have become afraid your memories of your loved one will become forgotten.


 One day, you love the day, then there are days just want to scream or cry.


You feel alone in your grief, even in a room full of people.


You cannot fathom or visualize upcoming holidays, family get-togethers or any other events.


Accepting the loss has been a daily struggle

We all grieve differently. Through the utilization of the Five Stages of Grief, we can address these few common reactions to grief and more than our that our therapists can help you work through.

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars,
The deeper the grief, the closer is God!”
-    Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Coming to Grief Counseling Doesn’t Mean There’s Anything Wrong with You

If anything stated here thus far rings true with you, please know that it’s ok to ask for help. Grief counseling, also called bereavement counseling, can help you through this difficult time. The truth is that anyone suffering a major loss could probably benefit from speaking to a therapist. But some of the things we’ve heard.
Many of our clients say it was hard to come in for counseling, that they felt like they weren’t sure it would even help. However, the truth is that grief is a unique experience. Even if others around you are grieving, their relationship with that person was different than yours and their own style of grieving may look very different from your own. This may leave you feeling completely alone. A therapist can listen to your story, provide you support, and encourage you to look toward the future.


Start Therapy for Grief and Loss with us here at Heavenly Therapeutic Services

You are a special individual, whom has so much to give to the world. Despite all of these items, your loss and discomfort don’t have to outline your life. Our professional, kind team of therapists are here to work with you. We prioritize patience with you to assist with taking that next step as smooth and timely as you desire. To start therapy with Heavenly Therapeutic Services:

Schedule via our website or give us a call at your convenience

Meet with one of our highly trained grief and loss therapists

Lets focus on the road ahead to welcome in more peace, self-assured and less “trapped” in your life 

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