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Meet Darnell Blocker, LPC

I was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, where I learned and was instilled values surrounding gratitude, treating others with the utmost respect, and unconditional love. I have a daily mantra and priority toward being thankful for each day of living and being surrounded by a family full of love. From here, I became a 2007 graduate of Morehouse College with a degree in Psychology and 2010 obtained a graduate degree in Forensic Psychology with a Postgraduate Certification in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am additionally proud of being currently a two-time author in my leisure time, “God is Man, Love is Woman” and “Licence to Love.”  (yes, “Licence” and not “License.” You may ask the reasoning, if you are curious. Haha!)


I completed my internship at the Regional Youth Detention Center, where I worked with incarcerated juveniles and providing individual and group therapy services. This jumped started my passion with helping teenagers, as well as young and older adults with managing their anger, minimizing and managing their anxiety and trauma, working through depression, and strengthening one’s self-esteem and self-value.


My wife and I have three children, ages 15, 2 ½, and a 7-month-old. We attempt to cultivate and instill in our children the power of love, respect, and a dedication and heart of service to others in our community. From my family to ongoing community practice in counseling, all of which fuels my daily rewards as a therapist. I believe all these experiences and more continues to strengthen and evolve me with many valuable lessons, remaining humble, empathic, and certainly caring for all of my clients regards of sexuality, religion, or creed. I look forward to utilize these experiences and knowledge to meet and work with you.

My Approach & Theoretical Orientation

My approach to therapy is Cognitive Behavioral and Client Centered amongst other modalities, as needed.  I have been working in the Mental Health/Substance Abuse field since 2010, following the graduating from the Master's Program in Forensic Psychology with a postgraduate certification in Marriage & Family Therapy. Life can certainly throw several types of curveballs and to converse with someone professional for support and additional guide can be helpful.


Whether you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, depression, anxiety, trauma, low self-esteem, communication differences with a significant other, or other concerns; I'm here to help and support you. 

I utilize several different therapies depending on the client's individualized needs, as follows:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Stress Reduction Techniques 

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy

  • Motivational Interviewing

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Family/Marital

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