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Meet LaFrancine Wells Bradford, LMFT

LaFrancine Wells Bradford, a graduate of Valdosta State University and currently a doctoral learner at Grand Canyon University, is a seasoned Marriage Family Therapist, that has provided individuals, couples, and families guidance through the most difficult of circumstances in their lives. With over ten years of experience as a therapist treating a wide range of mental health issues in a Community Service Board Setting and Private Practice, LaFrancine shifts focus to the needs of Individuals, Couples/Family Conflict, Parenting, Phase of Life Problems, Grief/Loss Issues, and Vocational Stressors. Open and honest communication, compassion, and transparency are the approaches she takes in creating a safe space for clients to experience life without judgment. She tailor's treatment plans according to the client's strengths and weaknesses, identifying stressors, social networks, and developing treatment strategies to rebuild, renew, and equip clients' lives for the journey ahead. LaFrancine lives by a quote written by Jana Stanfield; "I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do."

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