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Men's Issues

Men and women may face a variety of comparable matters that lead to engaging in counseling; nevertheless, counseling a man versus a woman can be unique from an interpersonal and psychological outlook. 

Men face numerous circumstances that result in different expectations, communication styles and coping skills than women.  They are more frequently defined by their careers, conquests and strength than their compassion skills, communication and interpersonal ties.  As a result, men express depression, anxiety and anger in ways that are diverse than the languages of those symptoms in women.  This doesn’t mean that one gender is right and the other is wrong; it means we are designed biologically, psychologically and socially different.  Counseling a man regarding various issues is not about weakening him or getting him to act more like a woman, it is about meeting him where he is, permitting him to let down his guard in a safe environment and know that he’s not the only person facing these complicated life issues.

Man Using a Tablet
Two Men Fishing
Men  Drinking Beer

Here are the types of issues for which men may seek counsel, but certainly not limited to:
•    Improving communication with a spouse, fiancé or long-term significant other
•    Concerns regarding physical intimacy
•    Financial pressure if they a breadwinner for their family
•    Societal expectations
•    Addictions in areas such as alcohol, sex, gambling or workaholism
•    Sexual dysfunction
•    Single parenting
•    Struggles advancing at work
•    Struggles transitioning to retirement or self-employment
•    Job termination and new job searching
•    Low self-esteem that can be directly related to any of the problems listed above

If you or a loved one are struggling with one of these areas and not finding yourself returning to “normal” after a few weeks, we urge you to contemplate talking to a professional.  Our male therapy specialists have between 10 to 20 years of clinical experience to help you get to the heart of the issues and make noteworthy progress within a reasonable time.

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